Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Peasant Dinner, Coconut Pudding

A new favorite dinner around here is, for lack of any other term, a peasant dinner.
I have included 2 other 5 ingredient recipes too, one for the beans and one for dessert. :)

1. Beans, I make mine myself, you can open a can, doesn't matter. Pinto or black, or white. This is a good meal for left over beans.

2. Polenta. I buy mine in a pre-made tube. Slice it into 1/2 inch rounds, brown slightly in a skillet with butter or Olive oil. The thing about Polenta is that is soaks up surrounding flavors, so make sure there are plenty of other flavors for it to share.

3.& 4. Zucchini with Italian Style Tomatoes: Slice fresh Zucchini (we use at least one per person if small)into cubes, heat slightly then add can of Italian style tomatoes. Make sure the tomatoes are seasoned, or add your own (but that's more than 5 ingredients)

5. Fried egg. Totally optional, but we like the combination of flavors.

To plate: Beans, Zucchini/Toms, Polenta on outer rim, meeting in middle (sorry all you that don't combine food, sorry) Egg on top of beans or Polenta. OR Polenta in the center or underneath, try it together, it's good.

I could get technical about my own recipe for the beans adding more ingredients, but if they are pre-made then it's okay, right? Many people will just open a can...so who cares?

Well, okay, I care, here is the bean recipe:
1. Soak bag of Pintos over night, drain in morning.
2. In crock pot add "box" of broth (I like Organic chicken)
3. Also add salt, I don't know the measurement, Tsp maybe.
4. Add butter, about 1/2 cube, the fat carries flavor, add it, AND NO Margerine, that stuff will kill you, but I'll post about that another day.
5. Add Garlic, if you don't like it a lot add only a little, we love it, we add a lot.
THEN: Add personal touch: Sometimes I add Cilantro, sometimes brown mustard, sometimes lots of pepper.
OOPS, that's 6, so don't count the salt!

Easy Coconut pudding:
2 cups coconut milk (cans are sometimes just under, add water or milk to make enough)
1/2 cup evaporated cane juice. Okay you can use sugar, I'll post someday why this is a better option.
3 Tbls Corn Starch , mix with milk BEFORE heating (*VERY IMPORTANT*)

Heat these ingredients together, maybe with a pinch of salt over med heat until bubbly and thick, STIRRING, or whisking to prevent scorching on the bottom.
Remove from heat and stir in:
1 tsp vanilla extract (or perhaps something more tropical, like banana or orange)
2 tsp Butter (this can be optional)
Place in 4 coffee cups or small bowls. Chill to serve (if you can wait that long).

If you think this recipe is lame or a gross idea, or you just need more ideas for dinner, head over to Rocks In My Dryer: It's 5 ingredient day!!

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