Friday, July 11, 2008

And we're off...

and running.
It's been non-stop for so long...and it isn't over yet! We made it home safe and sound with good tunes, good A/C, and some not so good food, yummy , but not good. Tomorrow we are off to Reno, for just 24 hours, to see friends. Actually we are visiting with a family we know from San Diego that now live in Idaho...but are going to be in Reno! We are very excited. We will also stay with other friends of ours that we know from San Diego, but now live in Reno...everyone still with me?

This visit with this special family is extra special because my son is good friends with their sons, all of them. We haven't told him yet who we are going to see because he would have driven me crazy!
"Is it time? Can we leave, how much longer, are we going to miss them? I don't want to be late. How many more days (hours, minutes)I want to be ready. I am going to wait in the car, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom....."
So he is clueless, and it is peaceful around here, but it will be a blast tomorrow! Well, which is actually today, I need to go to bed.


Thany said...

I say you just tell him soon and see how long he will wait in the car for you.

And then blog about it, of course. With pictures.

"On todays edition of 'Works for Me Wednesday,' how to get your kids out of your hair!"

marky said...

Enjoy your travels!
you have been tagged at my blog ;-)

MomOfDudes said...

I wish I were there to see his yummy nummy face.

Have a great time.

Sarah said...

Hi there, I'm not sure if you saw that you won The List DVD giveaway at Real Life Review. You can email me your address at singforhim94 - gmail, and I'll send it out.

Have fun in Reno!