Wednesday, June 25, 2008

With A Hint Of Tide

Money is tight. Money has been tight, for many of us, for a long time. Which is why I do not get to buy my favorite laundry soap, Tide. I love Tide*. LOVE IT! Long ago, before I knew about it I would comment on the smell and cleanliness of certain friends laundry. Unbeknownst to me, it was Tide. A friend cautioned me one day, "Don't buy it, you'll love it, you'll get addicted, you'll never want to use anything else, but it's too expensive and it will leave you with Tide envy".
"Whatever" I believe was my response. And right here, in the blogophere of life, I renounce my 'whatever' and apologize dear Bethany, you were right, I do have Tide envy when I can't afford it.

Oh sure, I found other laundry soaps that are okay, even efficient, a good value, but none of them delight my nose like the great red and orange container. I have found ways of getting cheaper, wait for sales, cut coupons when you can find them, use the rebate system at Rite-Aid...whatever it takes. One time I stumbled upon a look alike in Big-Lots, same bottle, same colors, different name and upon a second look I realized it was in Spanish. I pondered the possibility that it was just a look alike and then opened it, pensively took a little whiff, just in case it was indeed an imposter. My nose took delight at the familiar smell, it was Tide...AHHHHH!

Alas, none of those deals have been enough to justify purchasing it lately, things are just too tight. So recently I was given not one, not 2, but several super-sized containers of laundry soap. I, knowing how tight money is, and not being stupid, accepted, heartily, thankfully, and hopefully graciously. They are all name brands, and even my second choice in soaps, EXCEPT, they are the no dye, no fragrance version. Hmmm, no smell? I tried a scented dryer sheet (Why doesn't Tide make one? WHY NOT??) That helped but I just needed a little more, it's silly to think a fragrance tells you it's clean, when really, the lack of aroma should instead, but I digress.

Fill the measuring cup up with MOSTLY the unscented brand, and then , top it off with precious liquid gold, my favorite, TIDE...this adds the scent I love without breaking the bank. It uses my resources wisely and makes my nose happy. Now, if you happen to love Surf instead, add that, whatever you fancy. This is simply what works for me.

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* I am in no way being endorsed to speak of Tide so lovingly, however, if Tide wants to endorse me, I will happily start a new review blog and repeat all have said for a bottle of liquid nose delight. Are you listening Tide people? :)


Lori said...

I have always REFUSED to purchase because of two reasons.

1. It is TOO expensive. Way TOO in fact.

2. I have known people who use Tide and have wondered if it is inappropriate for me to stick my nose to their back and walk around like that all day. Tide is heavenly. I cannot afford heaven. So, like a drug, I chose not to get addicted.

Brilliant idea though. BRILLIANT.

Ginny said...

Have you ever smelled Suavetelle Ultra fabric softner? The Field Flowers scent makes me feel the same way as the Tide that I can't afford. It is heavenly. Not the same smell as Tide by any means, but a wonderful, affordable smell.

April said...

I am a former Tide user. I topped it off with Downey too. Now with gas and food prices. I buy the giant box of detergent from sam's and splurge on the downey. Well, in all honesty, my parents hook me up with all that stuff. So Blessed !!

MomOfDudes said...

I think I could smell Tide and Gain forever...

Anonymous said...

I have a full on addiction to Downy April Fresh dryer sheets. Imposters need not apply! I covet the blue and pink box in the aisle. It's wrong, I'm crazy, but I've come to terms with it. I've found the way to justify my name-brand-fabric-softener-sheet-addiction is to purchase the generic brand of scentless detergent. No dyes, no perfumes, no brand name mean money left over for self indulgent splurges of April Fresh Goodness. LOL.