Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, E

Things I am thankful for, E edition:
In no particular order.

1. Eggplant, yummy sliced,olive oiled,salt and peppered, thrown on the grill eggplant.
2. Eyes, windows to the soul.
3. Erin, AKA, Chuck. Her generosity of self is amazing.
4. Entrails, and that most of mine are still intact.
5. Exits, graceful ones.
6. Evenings, when the sky turns colors and the breeze blows gently.
7. Eighties, the Radical styles and the big hair (how embarrassing, yet Awesome!)
8. Eggs, not only for baking and food, but for the life cycle they represent.
9. Eight, I have always liked the number 8,it may have to do with my birthday, or my love of curves...not sure.
10. Entries, on your blogs, yes, I am thankful. Thank you for sharing your life, humor, insights, recipes, helpful hints and photography with me.

1 comment:

MomOfDudes said...

E is a great week!

I still miss my shoulder pads