Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, The Big D

Things I am thankful for, in not particular order:

1. David, my brother. I love him, I wish I could hang out with him more. I should go call him as soon as I am done with this list.
2. David, my friend's husband. He has grown in the Lord so beautifully. He has been a covering and a protector and a leader for his wife during an especially difficult time recently. I am proud of him for the man he has become, and so very happy for my friend that he is totally there for her right now.
3. David, of the Bible, because he sang, clapped, danced and shouted to the Lord, he lifted his hands and was jubilant. He showed love to God with more than obedience, but with joy in song.
4. Dancing
5. Daffodils!!They are such happy flowers.
6. Dragonflies, I think they are cool.
7. Drums and drummers.
8. Dumplings, especially of the yummy Asian variety.
9. Depp,especially of the yummy Johnny variety.
10. Darkness, because without it, you can't see the stars.


marky said...

Dark Chocolate
two on my list!

MomOfDudes said...

Dear friends like you...

Thany said...

#2. Amen.

Amy said...

Very nice!

Sooz said...

Dave the Dog...:-)