Friday, June 20, 2008


I was IMing on the computer with a friend, I in Northern Ca, she in Southern. There was a long pause, no big deal, she has a baby, and 2 other kids 5 and under. Then I received a text message on my cell phone from her:

T: "We just lost power...including cable etc."
C: "Oh No!"
T: "The kids are running around and saying the funniest things"
C: "They do that? How strange" (this was joking of course)
T: "I know...must not be my kids"
C: "It's the power outage...they aren't the same without electricity."
T: "HA! I will turn the power off all the time!"

This totally made me think. We have not had network, cable or any other form of outside TV in our home for over 9 months, my kid is different, and he is different in a good way. Our decision was completely economic, well mostly economic. But really, I don't miss it like I thought I would, and Spencer is better for it. I am not suggesting turning everything off (I wouldn't), I am not even suggesting not having TV, it's all personal. I am merely making an observation.

What do you think?


marky said...

The years without the tv were some of my favorite!
I would love to go back to that..but I am not the only vote in my house.

MomOfDudes said...

I could live without the tv... Now that I have found a $4.00 movie theater...
Just kidding, I think I would like the difference in myself and kids without TV. So much of it is so brainless I get mad at myself for watching.