Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok, I get It, It's the Enterprise.

In search for something new and different Spencer wanted to watch Star Trek, The Movie. It's rated G, I kinda remembered the plot and the basics, so I said sure!
I remember liking this movie once upon a time, but watching it with a first timer, as in, he has never seen the TV show, ever, was a different experience.
I had to explain every character and why they were acting certain ways. So much of this first movie is spent re-introducing the characters and the ship that it got boring. BORING! By the time they got into the cloud I had lost interest. And I enjoyed the show, I am not anti Trek. This movie was for show, "Oooo look what we can do, look at our special effects" ...which for the time was great, and for all the TV shows biggest fans it was a delight. I am glad they made more movies, ones with deeper plots and less 10 minute shots of just the ship.

Plus, movie IV,The Voyage Home, has someone in it I knew at the time, Christian Hoff,as a boy in the whale tour asking questions. He was a classmate of mine and now is on Broadway in Jersey Boys as Tommy DeVito, so there's a little trivia for you. :)

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