Saturday, June 28, 2008

Generosity of a 7 year old.

Spencer has grown over a 1/2 inch this month. It's amazing sometimes, you send him to bed one height and he wakes up another. As the shorts come out for the season it is obvious he needs the next size up. He doesn't grow any wider, only longer, so they ride high and look uncomfortable even if he can still snap them.
We, being who we are , must bargain hunt. I tried a few standard places of common deals, but all the boys shorts were huge. Spencer is a slim, hard to find in a bargain. So I headed out to a thrift store one day and scored 3 pairs of Arizona Jeans shorts, carpenter style, size 10slims, PERFECT. And one pair was even black, that is a bonus.

These were great investments, but as the month progressed it was obvious he needed more, so we went back, hoping for another small miracle. It didn't happen today, however, something else did.

Let me interrupt my story by saying in just over a week one of my daughters is moving back to live at home while attending college, we are super excited, especially Spencer. She will moving into our tiny home, with our one bathroom, and sharing a room with Spencer(he's thrilled to have a roommate, something he has always wanted, but no younger siblings showed up, sorry kid).

After no shorts were found we looked around, and he found a light saber. Spencer loves Star Wars, and shares this love with Alyssa. He looked at me after practicing with the saber.
"Spencer, you all ready have one"
"I know, but I want to buy this one for Alyssa, so she can have one too, I'll use my own money"

And he bought it with his own money, so that when she gets here they can have practice and pretend battles. Because he loves her, because that's the kind of kid he is.

In those times when I doubt my mothering ability I will reflect on this moment.


Thany said...

I love that kid.

An additional testament to your mothering? Alyssa will totally play with him.

MomOfDudes said...

I love your yummy nummy kiddo, You definitely need a light saber for every Jedi Knight in the household.
I am so glad blogging was invented, mailing your journal around so we all could share this sweet story would just take too much postage

inquisitivesensitive said...

For some reason that story brought tears to my eyes... got me all choked up. I'm serious. That is so sweet of him and definately is an example of good mothering/parenting skills. Thanks for bring a smile to my night. :)

~heather head

jennifer said...

I admire th generosity of your son AND I admire him for being a fan of Star Wars. What a wise young man.

I LOVE deals at the Thrift Store. You just can't beat it.

Be blessed!


Big Hair Envy said...

I'm feelin' the love!

Jenna Consolo said...

So sweet! And with 6 kids to dress, I LOVE a good deal at the Thrift Store too!