Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eye's Opened Wider.

Recently I was taken to lunch by a friend because she needed help finding a "Mother of the Bride" outfit. As we waited for our food I was observing a table nearby with a mother and son. The son was an older teen and the mom was fully engrossed in reading her newspaper. The son sat completely bored, doing nothing, looking at odds and ends on the table with a view of the backside of the paper.

How sad.

I wanted to say something, but what? "Stop ignoring your kid"? They apparently were already finished and left a few minutes later. I may have missed a big conversation they had and that they needed a break, or perhaps, they just never speak to each other. This made me pray for better for them. However...on the way into the restaurant a waitress came out practically ripping her apron off to sit with a group of people that were smoking. She immediately lit up, to which I heard...from her MOTHER:
"I am so happy to see you smoking"
I was sure I heard wrong, until she added,
"And my same brand at that, I am proud".

Are you kidding me? Proud that your own kid followed your own bad and expensive habits? And one that can kill you? And is brand loyalty really that important at a time like this?

I was completely disgusted and slightly shocked.

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marky said...

Some people just totally miss it don't they?