Saturday, June 14, 2008


"Ma'am, I want you to place your hand high above your head. Lock your elbows and spread your fingers."

That was just the beginning of commands I was given leading up to being handcuffed.
Now, before you get all weirded out that I am some criminal... it was practice! Not practice for me to get arrested someday, rather, practice for our friend Mel to become completely proficient. He is attending the CHP academy and on weekends hangs out with us, and he needs practice. I test him on codes and then tried to hit him with a broom handle. He arrested me twice, and even practiced cuffing our 7 year old, just in case he has to work with someone so small. Since he isn't allowed a real baton until he passes special testing (it is a legal weapon after all) he practices with one from PVC pipe. He clipped me with the end, but the injury was worth it to help him out.

Things I learned:
Besides code numbers for things like bombs and "what time is it?" (can't tell you what they are, sorry) I also learned that even in my own living room, with a friend in shorts and a T-Shirt, it still makes me nervous to be spoken to in that manner. Not nervous like, "I did something wrong and I am in so much trouble", but more like "This is serious, pay attention, do what he says". It was interesting, the first time it made my stomach hurt. The second time wasn't nearly as bad,and now I am a pro at being arrested...well, at being practice arrested.
The positions and maneuvers that they use are efficient and frankly, affective.

I am very proud of him for going through the academy.We are thrilled to get to see him so often (he lived in southern California) And the awesome thing he is still a great guy, and an excellent drummer. It does my husband good to be around his fellow musician friend.