Friday, June 6, 2008

As Seen On An L.A. Freeway

After a quick stop to drop something off at Aaron's mom's house in Buena Park we headed back to the freeway to get to San Diego. The on ramp was a long curved overpass bridge, 2 lanes. A truck came speeding past us, followed closely by a small import car. The small car raced into our lane to try and pass the truck, who immediately moved over to block the car. The car switched back into the other lane, to which the truck moved over blocking both lanes. We were well aware of of the immediate danger and slowed to a crawl to get some space between us and the warring vehicles. The truck practically stopped in front of the car as it weaved back and forth between lanes making sure to block the car. This went on as they entered the freeway. Yes, THE 5, in L.A...the truck had absolutely no recognition of any other vehicle, only to block and completely piss off the occupants of the car. He came to a sudden stop at the end of the ramp, which was now one lane, middle fingers flew into the air from the car as they pulled out into traffic, traffic going 70+. The truck was able to keep ahead of the car. They careened through 3 lanes of traffic back and forth until they were off to the right shoulder again near another on ramp. The truck dead stopped. It looked like the car actually rear ended the truck, but after finally passing them I think it was just the jolt of good brakes. By now items were being thrown from the two vehicles at each other, water bottles and things. We moved along fearing weapons and ultimately, a crash.

I don't know what started it, I don't care. The two drivers and their passengers put an incredible amount of people in harms way. Their reckless testosterone could (or maybe did) kill someone. Vehicles are not simply transportation, they are weapons, and that's what we witnessed.

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