Monday, June 16, 2008

First Aide

Sound of scooter being dropped on cement, followed by screen door opening, regular door opening, everything being slammed shut.
He was laying on the floor on the other side of the table where I am seated.
"What happened Spence?"
"My knee, my knee"
"Do you need your ice pack?"
"Well, it's in the freezer, go get it."

OH, now don't you go think I am a mean, calloused mommy. This is a test to see how bad it really is. I learned through experience that the more you gush over an injury the bigger and more painful it seems to become, even a little scratch.
He got up and walked to the kitchen behind me and got out the ice pack. I joined him. He sat back down and placed the ice on, and then in a minute lifted it up to peek,

He had scraped it on the cement. Longish grooves. We cleaned it off, put some Neosporin on it, with pain reliever in it because I am a nice mom, and bandaged it up. He was rubbing his hands too.
"Do they kinda burn?"
"Yeah mommy, they do"
I hate it when that happens!
He recovered nicely and is back to playing outside, well I should say he was. It's hot today, now he is reading near me at the table.

If I had run over and gasped when I saw the gashes I am sure he would be limping and "unable" to play. It's like saying 'Uh-oh, try again' to a toddler learning to stay upright. JMHO.

I want to give a shout out to Bimmy...HI BIMMY! Who is one of my readers that I met on Saturday night. She also sings for a band called No Taboo that my husband happens to be in...but I had never met them before, due to babysitting issues and whatnot, and I didn't know she was one of my readers.


Ginny said...

I love it! That was the approach that we always had to take with 'Little Miss Overdramatic' too. She would tell me that her throat hurt when she swallowed or that something hurt when she touched it. I would tell her not to swallow or not to touch it. Usually, whatever it was would miraculously disappear.

MomOfDudes said...

I want readers...

You are so right, I have always maintained my composure when my sons have gotten Boo-Boo's but I totally lost it when Cam had 7 golfball size welts on his back and another knot on his head from paintball. Yikes.

I am glad Yummy Nummy Spencer was a dude about his scrape

SAHMmy Says said...

Oh, I am so with you on this! I remember that when we fell down as kids, my mom would ask, "Did you break my tile?" I asked her about it recently and she said that with 5 kids, there was no time to coddle every bump and scratch.
I do notice that I'm a little more "Poor Baby!" with my daughter than my son. Good reminder--thanks!

Thany said...

I often offer to cut off the offending "injured" limb and only once did I have a kid, (Nick, who is always willing to take his injuries to the very dramatic extreme), take me up on it. So I went to the drawer and got a butter knife and started sawing his arm off. He was giggling so hard he gave up trying to be serious about getting hurt.

(Hey, my word verification has "WWJD" in the middle!)