Friday, May 2, 2008


Ten random things about me:

1. My hair picks up whatever scent it is around, not just smoke or cooking aromas either, I walk out of Target, and my hair still smells like Target(or a thrift store, or the tire store (eeww)).

2. I over use perenthesis and smilies :)

3. Cooking has not been nearly as enjoyable, and therefore done as much, as when all 5 of my family members lived at home. :( I miss you A & J!!

4. I think I would have made a really great doctor.

5. I wear 2 toe rings, always.

6. I don't miss TV all that much, it's a little surprising.

7. I love the color red.

8. I hate food from Burger King, I think everything, except MAYBE the salad, is gross.

9. We've owned 4 Saturns.

10. I love Japanese Persimmons, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Okay, if you are reading this blog, then you are TAGGED...go, go now and write 10 random things about you, likes, dislikes, goals, hopes, dreams, whatever. If you don't have a blog (is that even possible?) then write them in my comments!


Dena said...

Welcome to the bloggity world! How fun! You look too cute in your little photo. And where are A & J if not living with you?

Deanne said...

I love red too! It's my all-time fav!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Comments are my fav too! ;) I'll be sure to pop over here and read more of you. Welcome to the land o' blogs! :)