Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I get to see my girls Sunday! I am so excited, I haven't seen them since their birthday in January. I am so excited!(Did I mention I am excited?)
But I am also totally sick! I HATE being sick. I have so much to do and no energy to do it, and worse, pain! Every time I bend over my sinuses or ears move fluid in terribly uncomfortable ways, UGH!
But God is good, this will still be a good visit.
I am praying for travel mercies, it's about 9 hours with no a/c in the car, through the central valley of California, and we are leaving after church, so in the heat of the day. We need a cooling trend on the travel days, or lots of fluids. I need my head to clear up and this cold to go away so I can fully enjoy our visit and not be worn out by simple things, like breathing.
I also get to see so many friends and family that are so dear to me and that I miss very much.

I have to say it again!


MomOfDudes said...

Adding your traveling mercies to my prayer list.

Love you

PS I am EXCITED you get to see your girls

Z-Mama said...

How fun! Enjoy your visit!

marky said...

I hope that you can ENJOY!!!