Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ran Smack into Him

My husband's sister, niece, and mom were staying with us not too long ago. Aaron, being who he is, had a gig Saturday night. I stayed up a bit late, even though Sunday morning worship team call time is early, talking with my in laws. About an hour after falling asleep Beth, my sil, came in and woke me up,"Aaron's on the phone, he on the side of the road, he needs us to pray".

Now my asleep head had a hard time processing all of this information, it slowly unraveled: Call? What phone? where is my phone? I didn't hear a phone. Wait, Side of the road, why? What happened? Why does he need prayer? Is he hurt? OH MY GOD PLEASE NO! (as a prayer people, not taking the Lords name in vain). I got it together enough to come out of my room and into the living room where I figured the phone he had called was. I rounded the corner from the hall and hit something...I kid you not, I bounced off and had to take 2 steps back. Shocked I came out of my sleep fog and assessed the MIL was sitting on the sofa, praying, praying hard with my husband on the other end of the phone. I had run into the Holy Spirit, the presence of God was there, filling my living room.

I have experienced His presence before, but I have never literally run into it.

Long story short our car had died (later to be diagnosed as a dead fuel pump, being fixed soon) Aaron's sister and I took the drive up to pick him up arriving back home at 4:20am. Aaron slept an hour and then arose to go set up our church in a box, and then play and sing on worship team. Tired but safe, and committed.

I learned to never wait to pray for someone. When a friend asks for prayer, pray right that moment, with them. I don't want to forget later, if I pray right then it's done, and they can hear, feel, or receive what they need! When I turned that corner into my living room the other thing I ran into was love. I want my friends to feel that deep love, that love that says I will stop what I am doing, even sleeping, and bring your request to our Father that loves us. Amen? Amen.

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jen said...

What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks, too, for stopping by and for your kind comment! It is great to meet you and read your blog!