Friday, May 9, 2008

Over The Shoulder

A few days ago I suddenly noticed a little scratchy sensation under my bra, near the bottom, like something had gotten in there. I kinda re-adjusted and went about my business, which at the time was cleaning someone else's home. I figured hey, it's warm, I am working hard, it's just rubbing. Later, I realized that this sensation was indeed still there, and now added a little poking sensation. I am sure other women have experienced when something falls in there and gets trapped, like say, toast crumbs, right? Please tell me I am not the only one. But it dawned on me, I haven't eaten toast in, well, months. What's in there? I couldn't just find out discretely because I was home by this time and one of Aaron's music students was there, singing Strauss, poor kid. I was trying to finish up something on the computer, the pain increased and my mind went reeling. I did a little yard work today, perhaps it's a leaf, or a bee, or a stick, or glass. YES! That's it! GLASS! It's got to be glass, because that's what it feels like.

I finally was able to escape the room and check it out. The underwire had snapped in two, and not cleanly. It was two spears criss crossing like scissors.

No wonder it hurt. (insert big DUH here)

Due to my recent weight loss I have very few of these gravity defying wonders, and that one, yes, that one with the claws of torture underneath, was the best one, the daily, the one you could wear comfortably all day. And we all know how important that is. It is now where it belongs, in the trash. I should have given a short eulogy and thrown a flower in there with it.

My advise based on this tale?
Don't ignore toast crumbs when they might be glass.


MomOfDudes said...

Tell the girls I am sorry.

Dena said...

okay, first, a whole hearted YES! toast crumbs (okay, maybe cookie crumbs) EVERYDAY!!!! I have to go digging, Jay finds this funny, the boys find it annoying and run from the room, I just find it a good snack time!

Second, I thought the picture showed a weight loss. Well done you!!!!