Saturday, May 24, 2008

How It All Starts.

My son attended a birthday party, an all girls except him birthday party, today. After the gymnastics fun we ended up back at the now 9 year old birthday girl's house (because 4 new tires on a rainy Saturday take 6 hours to install). One of the gifts received was a "Little Pet Shop". Tiny little dogs and a little grooming store front. Spencer , the birthday girl and one other girl started playing, each had a character name and personality, a house, little accessories, which included a $447.34 bucket of milk, but that price included a cell phone on it, so don't worry, it was worth the price. They also had a pool in which Spencer's character was swimming and singing. I over heard B-day girl ...

"Ring, ring"

No one answers.

"Ring, RING, Spencer you have to answer"
"Stop singing"
"But I am swimming!"
"Well, swim without singing"
"But, I'm bored!"

"Well, start drinking then"

A little later I misheard the B-day girl talking about her gift as "My Little Sweat-Shop" , to which I laughed, out loud.

This lovely little B-day girl comes from a good solid , non-alcohol drinking family...she was speaking of of the little doggy bowls only.


marky said...

I overheard the girls at the soccer field playing the other day.. one said "lets pretend that your mom and dad are divorced so that we get 2 Birthdays and 2 Christmas'"
That was kind of funny, but very sad to me.
I like your pet shop story better ;-)

Sarah said...

I love to hear the kids playing. They say such funny things.

Z-Mama said...

too cute!