Thursday, May 8, 2008


SO, here you are, reading my blog. If you have visited me a few times perhaps I am on your favorites list, or under bookmarks. I appreciate that, I really do. Some days you might stop by, and *gasp*, I haven't written anything. Wouldn't it be nice to know when I post something new? Wouldn't that be GREAT!? If you are a pro blogger, or actually, I should say a pro blog reader, you probably already know about . Bloglines is a way to manage all the blogs you like to read. That's right. You add each of your favorites, and then you just check in one site when you have time, and there, listed , is who has new posts up, or how many. It's fabulous! It has changed the way I read blogs forever, and I am so appreciative to my dear friend Thany I can hardly stand it. Thank you Thany, thank you very much.

It is easy to set up, they will not spam your email address. Please try it out (I do not get any kick back or anything, I just really think it is a wonderful tool ).

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Z-Mama said...

I use, which must be similar. If you look at my sidebar to the blogs I read, it puts all those links in for me. And when there is an asterisk next to one it means it was updated in the last 24 hours. They have so many helpful tools out there...isn't it nice?!