Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I get to see my girls Sunday! I am so excited, I haven't seen them since their birthday in January. I am so excited!(Did I mention I am excited?)
But I am also totally sick! I HATE being sick. I have so much to do and no energy to do it, and worse, pain! Every time I bend over my sinuses or ears move fluid in terribly uncomfortable ways, UGH!
But God is good, this will still be a good visit.
I am praying for travel mercies, it's about 9 hours with no a/c in the car, through the central valley of California, and we are leaving after church, so in the heat of the day. We need a cooling trend on the travel days, or lots of fluids. I need my head to clear up and this cold to go away so I can fully enjoy our visit and not be worn out by simple things, like breathing.
I also get to see so many friends and family that are so dear to me and that I miss very much.

I have to say it again!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Winter Camp Eighties Style

Long ago, in Southern California, I went to winter Camp with my best friend, whom at the time went by Lizzy. I am on the right. This ultra cool photo is evidence of how awesome we were...see those pants tucked into my boots? That's cool, you know it! See that Army jacket with the barely visible band buttons on it, like The Cure, yeah, I know you're jealous.(I totally swiped borrowed,that jacket off a guy I wanted to date but that I am so glad now I didn't, the buttons, however, were mine). I am also wearing a vintage mens cardigan sweater, that I kinda miss. I am amazed by my hair, it isn't all big, I have to look for one of those photos, maybe for next week. In this photo it is well, hmmmm, I liked ska and mod music,New Wave stuff so Flock of Seagulls-ish?

Anyway, there we are in all our coolness, being total geeks, albeit totally radical geeks.

Want more fun? Check out Fro Me To You, at We Are That Family!

BlogBook Extrordinaire

We Are That Family introduced a fabulous concept and link to a company that will make a book of your favorite blogs, (your own blogs, not someone else's) including photos..
Check it out!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, B Edition

Ten things I am thankful for...

1. Bible, the truth and light in an easy to read format.
2. Bowls, we eat a lot out of bowls.
3. Bethany, without her support and years of friendship I might just be a different person, Thank you Thany!
4. Bees, without them we wouldn't have such lovely fruits, or honey.
5. Bananas
6. Broccoli
7. Brains, specifically mine and those in the people I love.
9. Blue
10.Big 80's hair, because it's amazing and hysterical (how did I used to do that?)!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How It All Starts.

My son attended a birthday party, an all girls except him birthday party, today. After the gymnastics fun we ended up back at the now 9 year old birthday girl's house (because 4 new tires on a rainy Saturday take 6 hours to install). One of the gifts received was a "Little Pet Shop". Tiny little dogs and a little grooming store front. Spencer , the birthday girl and one other girl started playing, each had a character name and personality, a house, little accessories, which included a $447.34 bucket of milk, but that price included a cell phone on it, so don't worry, it was worth the price. They also had a pool in which Spencer's character was swimming and singing. I over heard B-day girl ...

"Ring, ring"

No one answers.

"Ring, RING, Spencer you have to answer"
"Stop singing"
"But I am swimming!"
"Well, swim without singing"
"But, I'm bored!"

"Well, start drinking then"

A little later I misheard the B-day girl talking about her gift as "My Little Sweat-Shop" , to which I laughed, out loud.

This lovely little B-day girl comes from a good solid , non-alcohol drinking family...she was speaking of of the little doggy bowls only.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Double Wedding Cuteness.

I can't resist to show this. You see, over at We Are That Family she does a weekly "Fro Me to you", hysterical older photos that might not make it into an album. Thing is, she is a twin. And this week she is showing a couple of weddings that she and her sister graced. see, I HAVE to share this.

My twin girls , age 5, 13 years ago, in a dear friends wedding. Sure, they look super cute when NOT walking the isle but then they are looking at the floor coming down the isle as to not burst into flame from the reflections from everyones smiling shiny teeth...or something like that.

Ran Smack into Him

My husband's sister, niece, and mom were staying with us not too long ago. Aaron, being who he is, had a gig Saturday night. I stayed up a bit late, even though Sunday morning worship team call time is early, talking with my in laws. About an hour after falling asleep Beth, my sil, came in and woke me up,"Aaron's on the phone, he on the side of the road, he needs us to pray".

Now my asleep head had a hard time processing all of this information, it slowly unraveled: Call? What phone? where is my phone? I didn't hear a phone. Wait, Side of the road, why? What happened? Why does he need prayer? Is he hurt? OH MY GOD PLEASE NO! (as a prayer people, not taking the Lords name in vain). I got it together enough to come out of my room and into the living room where I figured the phone he had called was. I rounded the corner from the hall and hit something...I kid you not, I bounced off and had to take 2 steps back. Shocked I came out of my sleep fog and assessed the MIL was sitting on the sofa, praying, praying hard with my husband on the other end of the phone. I had run into the Holy Spirit, the presence of God was there, filling my living room.

I have experienced His presence before, but I have never literally run into it.

Long story short our car had died (later to be diagnosed as a dead fuel pump, being fixed soon) Aaron's sister and I took the drive up to pick him up arriving back home at 4:20am. Aaron slept an hour and then arose to go set up our church in a box, and then play and sing on worship team. Tired but safe, and committed.

I learned to never wait to pray for someone. When a friend asks for prayer, pray right that moment, with them. I don't want to forget later, if I pray right then it's done, and they can hear, feel, or receive what they need! When I turned that corner into my living room the other thing I ran into was love. I want my friends to feel that deep love, that love that says I will stop what I am doing, even sleeping, and bring your request to our Father that loves us. Amen? Amen.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten On Tuesday, The letter A

1. Aaron, my love.
2. Alyssa,whom I also love, is my oldest, if only by 18 minutes.
3. Acorn squash, yummy.
4. Andy, and his blog of his trip to Germany, good stuff.(Those Germans can be pg-13, be warned)
5. Artichokes.
6. Acoustics...good ones.
7. Aquatics, I love swimming.
8. Apples To Apples. Fun game.
9. Articulation. Where would we be without it?
10.Agriculture...because , again, where would we be without it?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Book Selection

My son, who's 7, just walked out of his room, book in hand and announced, "I'm reading Moby Dick". I bit my tongue, not wanting to spoil this book for him. He's read The entire Chronicles of Narnia already. He's delighted in James And The Giant Peach several times. He's been very upset reading any book where an animal, or main character dies, like Bridge to Terabithia (last weeks selection). I'm sorry to all you classics lovers, but I truly disliked Moby Dick. I hope for his sake that he enjoys reading it.

This brings up a very important fact that many people, especially parents , seem to miss. What we say, our opinion about something to be specific, greatly determines if a child will like or dislike something. When my daughters were very young we were visiting their paternal grandparents, who had 2 small yippy dogs. One of these dogs snapped at one of the girls, she of course then didn't want anything to do with the little dogs. I MADE A MISTAKE the very next time we were around dogs again. She shied away and I made the statement, out loud, in front of her , "She's afraid of dogs because one nipped her fingers". This statement was made regularly, and within a short time my girls became completely afraid of dogs, when they never used to be. At some point I wised up and changed my behavior, and lo and behold they became unfrightened of animals again. If I had immediately answered Spencer with, "Oh, I hated that book" I would have jaded his view, and possibly ruined what might be an enjoyable book to him.

Even claiming things that seem true can harm your child. "He's always been like that" Can lead to that child never trying to be any different.
"It's a family trait" , okay, it might be, but who isn't to say you can't stop that trait before the next generation?

Your words even against yourself are incredibly powerful. If you are always saying you can't, or I in " I can't stick to a diet plan", "I am never on time" , "I can't get organized", then guess what? You most likely will fulfill your spoken self prophecy...change your view, change your words, change your life.
"I can".
"I will".

Start with one that many women have a lot of trouble with...

"I am beautiful, I am worthy, God loves me deeply".

Try saying that to yourself everyday for a month.

I will visit this topic again.

Baseball Display

Spencer has been, well, challenging lately. He is pushing boundaries and testing the waters of obedience. He had a baseball in his hand and was kinda messing around with it. When I noticed this I stated, clearly," Spencer, while you are in the house that baseball can not leave your hand".

He looked at me, smirked a little and dropped the ball on the floor, and with a twinkle in his eyes looked at me.

He was immediately sent to his room to sit and do nothing, while mom sat and cooled down and thought about what to do.

His response? "It was just a little joke"

Obedience is nothing to joke about.

How many times have I, personally, with a smirk on my face perhaps, done something I know I shouldn't have? Maybe I didn't look right up into his face, perhaps I wasn't so very bold in my disobedience, but let's face it, we are blatant in our actions sometimes.

I'd rather be bold with my obedience and lift my face to God, so a smile can occur. Before I shout my next "look at me!" I want it to be for the right reasons.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, that was the sound of a strap breaking. Two in one week?! It's ridiculous! This one is at least fixable.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten on Tuesday, One word edition

I am thankful for:
(in no particular order)

1. Sleep
2. Sunshine
3. Prayer
4. Cellphones
5. Love
6. Health
7. Commitment
8. Friends
9. Faith
10. Blogs

Friday, May 9, 2008

So Jr. High

I was re-arranging my bedroom furniture while Spence (my 7 year old) started making himself a sandwich...

"Mommy, can you come cut the cheese for me"

I giggled, I couldn't help it.

"Really , you want me to cut the cheese?" I asked 'innocently'

"Yes, can you come cut the cheese for me...wait, not that kind of cut the cheese. MOMMY!"


Over The Shoulder

A few days ago I suddenly noticed a little scratchy sensation under my bra, near the bottom, like something had gotten in there. I kinda re-adjusted and went about my business, which at the time was cleaning someone else's home. I figured hey, it's warm, I am working hard, it's just rubbing. Later, I realized that this sensation was indeed still there, and now added a little poking sensation. I am sure other women have experienced when something falls in there and gets trapped, like say, toast crumbs, right? Please tell me I am not the only one. But it dawned on me, I haven't eaten toast in, well, months. What's in there? I couldn't just find out discretely because I was home by this time and one of Aaron's music students was there, singing Strauss, poor kid. I was trying to finish up something on the computer, the pain increased and my mind went reeling. I did a little yard work today, perhaps it's a leaf, or a bee, or a stick, or glass. YES! That's it! GLASS! It's got to be glass, because that's what it feels like.

I finally was able to escape the room and check it out. The underwire had snapped in two, and not cleanly. It was two spears criss crossing like scissors.

No wonder it hurt. (insert big DUH here)

Due to my recent weight loss I have very few of these gravity defying wonders, and that one, yes, that one with the claws of torture underneath, was the best one, the daily, the one you could wear comfortably all day. And we all know how important that is. It is now where it belongs, in the trash. I should have given a short eulogy and thrown a flower in there with it.

My advise based on this tale?
Don't ignore toast crumbs when they might be glass.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


SO, here you are, reading my blog. If you have visited me a few times perhaps I am on your favorites list, or under bookmarks. I appreciate that, I really do. Some days you might stop by, and *gasp*, I haven't written anything. Wouldn't it be nice to know when I post something new? Wouldn't that be GREAT!? If you are a pro blogger, or actually, I should say a pro blog reader, you probably already know about . Bloglines is a way to manage all the blogs you like to read. That's right. You add each of your favorites, and then you just check in one site when you have time, and there, listed , is who has new posts up, or how many. It's fabulous! It has changed the way I read blogs forever, and I am so appreciative to my dear friend Thany I can hardly stand it. Thank you Thany, thank you very much.

It is easy to set up, they will not spam your email address. Please try it out (I do not get any kick back or anything, I just really think it is a wonderful tool ).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my dad's birthday today. He is an honorable man, hard working, highly intelligent, logical yet creative problem solving kind of guy. He loves fishing and playing his trombone in a jazz/swing band. He is building all the cabinets in my parents newish home. He only slowed down when he had to have open heart surgery last summer, but he is doing great now. He taught me how to fish, re-finish furniture, and try my best even when it was hard. Seriously he doesn't look his age, and once, I will not name names...but a dear younger friend of mine saw him driving in the vintage little red convertible corvette he once owned and thought to herself, "Ooo, for an older guy he's cute" , then she realized it was my dad. Yeah, I LOVE that story!
7 decades of living.
Hard working, clean lifestyle, God honoring living.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ten On Tuesday

So many Tuesdays, even more to be thankful for:

1. New jobs for my daughters, WooHoo!

2. Fabulous weather, just right for open windows and airing out the winter yuck from the house.

3. 26 days until I see my daughters!

4. Routers and internet.

5. Being able to help friends in need, to truly be a blessing to them. We have needed so much in the last few years, it's nice to "pay it forward".

6. Sushi, really good sushi with really good friends. And for my really good friends that won't go near it, I will happily partake of something else.

7. Now that I have mentioned them; Really good friends.

8. The ability to bring God ANYTHING in prayer, and leave it at His feet.

9. Babies.

10. Eggplant. I really love it. I don't care what anyone else thinks about it, they don't have to eat it, more for me. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day Gievaways!!

I am all about fun stuff to win! So here, here some more!
Win Books!

Win an Outback Steakhouse Giftcard!!

Or for a whole set of other possibilities, that includes a $1000 photography contest check out this:

Friday, May 2, 2008


Ten random things about me:

1. My hair picks up whatever scent it is around, not just smoke or cooking aromas either, I walk out of Target, and my hair still smells like Target(or a thrift store, or the tire store (eeww)).

2. I over use perenthesis and smilies :)

3. Cooking has not been nearly as enjoyable, and therefore done as much, as when all 5 of my family members lived at home. :( I miss you A & J!!

4. I think I would have made a really great doctor.

5. I wear 2 toe rings, always.

6. I don't miss TV all that much, it's a little surprising.

7. I love the color red.

8. I hate food from Burger King, I think everything, except MAYBE the salad, is gross.

9. We've owned 4 Saturns.

10. I love Japanese Persimmons, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Okay, if you are reading this blog, then you are TAGGED...go, go now and write 10 random things about you, likes, dislikes, goals, hopes, dreams, whatever. If you don't have a blog (is that even possible?) then write them in my comments!