Thursday, November 20, 2014

On The Move

We are re-packing our bags and boxes.
Circumstances have changed for the people we are living with and they need the space we are occupying back.
So we are moving out.

I was going to do a post about where we were, but now it doesn't matter.
A post on how I don't really have a kitchen but with a few small appliances, I was still able to cook healthy meals.

A post about the wonders of an electric kettle, a toaster oven and my amazing rice cooker, it has a "saute and simmer" button. It was essential for cooking real food.

But now everything goes in a box. Most will go into storage as just clothing and computers (bills, schoolwork and Aaron's work gear) come with us to share one bedroom all together in someone's home.

Am I grateful? Oh yes.
I had two offers, but one is so far away from the places we have to be several times a week (17 trips minimum) that the gas would break the bank. Another option I thought might be available just couldn't say yes because of their well going dry and their septic failing. That is a sad truth, they have a lot to face. These friends,  have a small house, nut big hearts and will have the space ready by Monday for moving in. So that's where we will be.

A few days before Thanksgiving.
A week off school but full of rehearsals because we only have 2 weeks as of tomorrow until the show. And no, not everyone has a costume yet. No stress there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I lifted this right off of my friend Lori's blog. See?

"Life is chaotic. We run from one activity to the next, sometimes never taking the time to quiet our souls and reflect. Do you want to slow down? Calm your nerves? Change the atmosphere in your house? Soothe your soul? I have the pleasure of offering you an incredible musical experience that is designed to do those very things.

My good friend and incredible musician, Aaron Gayden, created Katoikeo, a gorgeous instrumental album. Filled with beautiful melodies, Katoikeo is perfect for background music at a dinner party or event, unwinding at the end of the day, or entering into a time of worship. The album is simply stunning and Aaron's talent shines brightly through.

You can purchase individual songs for just 0.99 cents, download the album for $9.99 or buy the CD for $12.00. 

Aaron has generously offered "Just One Dollar" all proceeds from Katoikeo from now until the end of 2014. So if you'd like to support our fundraising efforts with something tangible and you'd like to listen to the amazing Aaron Gayden, please consider Katoikeo. Just click here!"
I have introduced this album before, and now you can purchase it with purpose.
This is only the downloadable version, but share the link with others, it is a worthy cause, and an amazing album. It is soothing and refreshing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pop, Pop, Pop

As a parent it is very hard to watch a kid do something in which they may (or may not!) get hurt. But our bubbled wrapped kids don't get to push their limits, they don't get to discover the things they CAN do, they are living in a world of can't. We spent hours unsupervised (other than checking in) exploring and creating and being active on bikes, roller skates or on foot. We created games, and stories, new food combinations and worked out conflict. We learned boundaries with each other.  Fear holds back progress and discovery.

I read an article today that in New Zealand they have lifted some rules in one school's play yard.  The kids can build forts, climb on things, and "rough and tumble", or rough house. 

I was going to link the article, but it linked to something else about how gender neutral parenting is failing instead, which is also an interesting article, but nothing to do with today's topic.

I guess time will tell, but I do think loosening up the grip on kids is a fabulous idea.

Monday, November 17, 2014


As a follow up to yesterdays post, here is another amazing rendition of a classic Christmas Carol, that I happen to love. This is fun and lively, and everything you hear is human voice. Love it,

Yes, I know it isn't Christmas yet. Yes, I honor and look forward to Thanksgiving first. Our world is topsy turvy, and I need seasonal high points ahead of time to help with mood and keeping focused on good stuff.

Don't be offended.

Sometimes we just need it a little early.
A little more traditional:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did You Know?

One of the most requested Christmas songs for Aaron. Would love to add in som eof these other parts and sing it with him.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

As a Whole

Last night we were all together for a few hours.
We were busy working on wedding stuff, but we were together.

It crossed my mind that we have few of these moments left before some huge changes. Within the next few months, and the months following, this will be nearly impossible for a few years. I can not dwell on it as a negative, simply a change. It's all exciting, and amazing, and great things are going to happen, but our core unit of five, now six, soon to be seven with the addition of another son in law, well, we won't have the opportunities to be together like we do know.
It is a special thing, to be cherished.
And I am thankful for each moment together.

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Miracle, for a Miracle...

Four quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels, one hundred pennies.
A small hamburger, small french fries, super small plain coffee, one item from the dollar store, candy bar, or perhaps, a donation towards the adoption of a baby girl.

Alone it isn't much, but together it will bring her to a loving home.

Please watch this

and please consider one dollar given in compassion for someone else...
and then, please share this on FaceBook, Twitter, or your own blog.