Monday, March 24, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In Practice

Yesterday I brought up how God works in the little things. I said I would clean one area yesterday, didn't happen.

So now I cleaned out something.

See how that worked?
As frustrated as I am at myself for what was truly a dumb mistake with a container of home made bone broth, well, God used it to help me keep my word.

So thank you Lord for the broth mess.


After I wrote yesterday about how it was going not talking poorly about myself I read THIS blog post.
Jennifer Lee Dukes has covered all her mirrors for Lent, and yesterday she had a guest post writer. It really got into the heart of the matter, and there is a "mysteriously" broken mirror involved.
God knows our struggles. He is there, helping to guide us away from what damages, and towards His love.

Ever have something happen like that?
Perhaps dropping something to the floor before consuming it, knowing it was bad for you?
Tripping over, or knocking over the Bible study book you should be reading, or perhaps seeing a friends name randomly that needs a call.

He is in the little things.
He loves us that much.

They aren't coincidences,
they are Godincidences.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

About That

I am doing alright not eating sugar.  Just so you know.
I am doing alright not talking poorly about myself. I often look in the mirror, zero in on something, and then stop myself, I am not perfect, but I am doing so much better! 

As for cleaning out a bag of stuff a day? So not happening.
And I am laughing right now. Sure, I am bummed that I haven't done this an iota, however, it was too much right this moment. I am so very busy making costumes and props, and facing taxes. This was just hopeful thinking that I could squeeze this in as well.

A friend on Sunday told me to just try and pray for a little bit of time to open up. SO I am not giving up completely. And frankly, taxes will be over soon, and then the play will be done, and then, THEN, I can face other bigger projects. In the meantime I will still try to hit an area here and there. For example, perhaps tomorrow I will clean out , well, I don't know. I just made a to-do list in my head for tomorrow. It isn't looking positive for time to clean something out. I will clean off the top of the dryer. How about that? Empty stain spray and buttons. It's a small task, maybe I can get that done.

So, for those of you fasting, or perhaps observing Lent, how are you doing?
 Any revelations? Any victories?
I pray so.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stupid Sugar

Here we go again.
No sugar for 40 days. I should be more specific, no refined sugar, no desserts, things like that. I am not cutting out every speck that may be inside an otherwise okay food choice.

But it is hard just the same.
I am sitting here chewing gum, trying not to think about it,

I was so thankful when I opened up "Keeper Of The Home" and READ THIS.

Goodness me, thank you so much for wrting it.
With fabulous links and reasons why we shouldn't eat the stuff in the first place.

God knew I would need a boost of encouragement, some good information and support. He knew, and I am grateful.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Than a Test Score.

This post has some serious truth about what some of our kids in schools are going through. She is a teacher, she sees it first hand. I do too. Not to the extreme she may be talking about, but even in this little school, it happens.

Right now, in a class I help out in, a young man  is living as though he is emancipated. It's complicated, and it is sad, and he is struggling. He will be with us an extra semester due to the things that happened in the last two years. I don't know all the details, I don't know what home was like, all I know is there is a young man in need of a father figure that supports, encourages and says, it may be hard, but you are worthy to get it done.  He isn't the first one we have seen in recent years.For a few hours a week he can get those words, he can see someone cares and maybe he will absorb it as truth and step up and have a good life, not one based on lies and excuses.

Please read it, pray for these kids. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Whole Lot Less

Yesterday I laid it out there, and I must say, I feel better for doing it, because too many people aren't real enough with each other.
So starting Wednesday in addition to the no more sugar and stopping bad talking myself I am going to participate in THIS.

What an amazing idea.
So simple, just pick one area a day, just an area, not a whole room, and clean it out. PURGE! Yes.
I will also do a deep clean too, I have noticed a need lately for a serious spring cleaning.

Will you join us? One bag a day(any size). Sell it, donate it, or trash what is truly trash, but get it cleared out of your space.

She even has a FaceBook support group. I won't be joining that because frankly, I don't have the time for one more thing, but if you need support to face your stuff PLEASE join in!